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Why BHI?Why BHI?

Why talk to a specialist in travel health and medicine before you travel? And why should you choose BHI's Travel Health Clinic? Find out more here.

BacteriaTravel Vaccines: which do I need?

The types and number of vaccines you'll need depends on your destination, itinerary, travel activities your health status. Find out more here.

Welcome to the BHI Travel Health Clinic

Based in Little Island, Co. Cork, the BHI Travel Health Clinic is a specialised one-stop shop to help you manage all your travel health needs. Whether for leisure, work, pilgramage, trekking, a school trip, charity or relief work, our aim; is to help you stay well and protected against disease when you travel. And, if you are unwell while abroad or after you return home, we will do everything we can to help you.

Our clinic specialises in Travel and Tropical Medicine and foreign travel vaccines in order to provde a service that is as comprehensive as possible and that will help you stay healthy while abroad.


An associate clinic of the
Tropical Medical Bureau


An HSE-approved Yellow Fever vaccination centre